Updated: Apr 7, 2020

You may or may not have heard of Neuroplasticity. Let me tell you, this is the JUICE right here. This is the little hidden gem that can heal your life.

I learned about Neuroplasticity after doing what you all have probably done: Googling every moment of my life away. The Universe had given me the sign many times before that but I was not ready to full receive it and pay attention until one day I clicked on a video on Neuroplasticity and was mind-blown (literally).

Everything having to do with human training and education has to be re-examined in light of neuroplasticity. - Norman Doidge

If you want to watch a really interesting video that explains everything about Neuroplasticity and inspire you, watch the below:

The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge

It's amazing how Western Medicine is just NOW finding out about Neuroplasticity and how they have to redefine everything they thought they once knew. There is hope, I promise. You can heal ANYTHING. Dis-ease caused in the body has a deeper root than just "symptoms." It's deeper than going to the doctor and coming home with a prescription. It's deeper than that. Western Medicine is useful with acute illnesses, such as an infection or a deep wound. When Western Medicine says something "doesn't have a cure," all they're saying is that it cannot be cured with a pill or with surgery. And guess what? That's BEAUTIFUL. That means you get to take your power back and YOU are in control of your healing. Do you believe in yourself and trust yourself enough to heal? Almost every single dis-ease or "chronic" health issue is caused by an underlying emotional and mental pattern that is limiting in you and isn't benefitting you. This is where the work begins. This is where a lot of self-care and time alone with yourself come in handy. You get to discover your past conditioning that is creating all the ailments happening in your body. GOOD NEWS is this is all reversible, no matter what's going on with you. I promise you can heal. Make the commitment to let go of your old limiting beliefs and rebirth yourself. Be grateful you have this opportunity to change yourself. It's never too late to love yourself and heal :)

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