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I recently posted a story on my instagram: @vaalmartinezz of me in a Hyperbaric Oxygen Tank. This was my first time trying one of these machines and I tried it out of curiosity and also for my anxiety. I have a hard time catching my breath and breathing deeply into my stomach to activate my parasympathetic nervous system. This caused me to develop a nervous system injury called PPPD and/or Vestibular Migraines. I have headaches daily not only because my sensory system is trying to recover, but because I need to get more oxygen to my brain.

So, I decided to go ahead and lay in one of these bad boys for an hour.

I went to a sweet little health spa called Body Centre In Costa Mesa, CA that provides a lot of alternative healing modalities for persistent health concerns.

OKAY SO, my experience was honestly not as bad as I thought it would be. I get claustrophobic so I thought that would be a problem but I was surprisingly very calm.

This chamber pumps I believe 93% pure oxygen (call the spa to find out accurate info) into your body for a full 60 minutes. It takes you 70 feet below sea level prior to it pumping oxygen. The chamber does not move at all. However, while it is being pressurized, your ears do start to pop. Thankfully, the gentleman taking care of me walked me through the proper way of unclogging my ears so it was a smooth experience.

I have read about so many benefits to oxygen therapy, including migraine relief, Lyme's Disease, Fibromyalgia. Insomnia, Nausea, wound healing, anxiety relief and overall faster recovery and healing.

For more information, check out this awesome piece by the Mayo Clinic:

Overall, I was super satisfied and the side effects were just A LOOOTTT of sleepiness after the treatment and I could feel my body pains a little more, but this was normal and temporary.

I plan on doing some more sessions and will keep y'all updated :)

With love,


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